The Complete Facebook Advertising Course by fetchprofits Academy

The Complete Facebook Advertising Course


Learn the basics of Facebook Advertising

What's included?

Video Icon 4 videos File Icon 4 files Text Icon 28 text files


Setting up
Business Manager Setup
5 mins
How to Add Agencies, Freelancers, & Team
3 mins
Setting up FB Pixel
10 mins
Campaign Pre-launch Primer
Understanding Sales Funnels
Don't be The Hungry Joe
4 mins
Examples of Sales funnels That Work
Watch Me Build a Complete Funnel
Objectives, Facebook Ad Types & Formats
Objectives: What Are You Looking For?
Overview of Facebook Ad Formats
The Good Old Regular Ad
Carousel Ad
The Canvas Ad
Video Ads: Vertical, Horizontal, 360 Degrees
Building & Managing Audiences
How to Add Custom Audiences
More options for Custom Audiences
How to Add Lookalike Audiences
Facebook Ads Targeting Blueprint
The Hungry Audience
Audience Insights (FB Audience Insights, GA)
Basics of FB Ads Targeting
Secrets For Really Tight Targeting
Launching & Managing Campaigns
Launching Facebook Campaigns
Reporting & Analytics
Secrets To Smart Marketing
Building your Marketing Stack
The Secret To LifeLong Profits: Part 1
Secret to Life Long profits: Part 2
FB Lead Generation Ads By AdEspresso
1.8 MB
Dos & Don'ts Of FB Ads By AdEspresso
7.22 MB
Fb Ads Custom Audiences Guide By Adespresso
4.29 MB
500 FB Ad Examples By Adespresso
34.9 MB
Interest Targeting
Graph Search
Going Back to Audience Insights
Using Big Daddy Google
Display Ads, FB Ads
Getting Creative

Meet Your Trainer

I am Ash, and I have been helping clients worldwide with end-to-end digital marketing for 17 years. 

I am a Google Partner, HubSpot Inbound Certified, Adroll Pro Certified and Bing Ads Certified professional. 

Join me on an exciting journey & change the way you do marketing forever.