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How to Kick Ass With Quora Ads


Welcome to the Quora Ads Course. With more than 195 million active users, Quora is bad ass, and it's unique in its own way (Unlike Facebook Ads and Google Adwords). 

While Quora works and plays out just like Facebook Ads, it's the platform, the users, and what they do while they are on Quora that makes all the difference giving you a unique platform to show your ads to as and when they are relevant. 

Note: The course is basic and only goes so far as to help you launch your campaigns. You shouldn't even be launching paid ads without sales funnels. To learn how to build sales funnels for your paid ad campaigns, refer to the Sales Funnels Course. 

What is the best way to use Quora Ads? 

  • Use it as an additional and/or alternative source of paid traffic for your business.  
  • Use Quora ads when your budget doesn't allow you room to go full-steam ahead with primary ad traffic sources such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads. 
  • If and when you do launch Quora ads, your primary objective should be to collect email addresses to grow your mailing list in exchange for a free opt-in (lead magnet)
  • Convert a lead into a paying customer now, so it's easier to sell them your other products later
  • Generate leads for a service, for your e-commerce store, or any other business you might be running. 

What is included in the Quora Ads Course?

This course includes five chapters with lessons, in addition to this instruction page. 

Setting up Your Quora Ad Account -  In this lesson, explain the why behind what you're teaching. No, your regular Quora account is different from this. 

Setting up the Quora Pixel -  In this lesson, learn how to add the Quora Pixel to your website and/or landing pages. 

Creating Audiences on Quora -  In this lesson, learn to identify your potential target audiences and create audiences to help you target audiences them in your campaigns

Launch your First Campaign on Quora -- I'll walk you through and show how to set up your first  campaign on Quora. 

What's included?

Video Icon 5 videos


Setting Up Your Quora Ad Account
2 mins
Setting Up Your Quora Pixel
4 mins
How to Create Audiences On Quora
4 mins
Campaign Types & Targeting Options On Quora
3 mins
Launch Your First Campaign
5 mins

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