Quora Ads

How To Successfully Launch Quora Ads


 With more than 300+ million active users, Quora is bad ass, and it's unique in its own way (Unlike Facebook Ads and Google Adwords). 

While Quora works and plays out just like Facebook Ads, it's the platform, the users, and what they do while they are on Quora that makes all the difference giving you a unique platform to show your ads to as and when they are relevant. 

What is included in the Quora Ads Course?

👉Why Quora Ads? 

Learn why it’s a good time to consider Quora, about how the platform is different, and why it makes sense to use it as a source of traffic, leads or results.  

👉Setting Up The Quora Pixel 

Learn all about the Quora Pixel and how to install it on your website. Also learn about the Quora event pixel code and why it’s important to get it right.  

👉Creating Audiences on Quora 

Get a hang of the various audiences you can create on Quora and why you should care.  

👉Use Audiences the Smart Way 

Get tips, Insights, and Smart tactics to use audiences. Learn to use audiences like a pro.  

👉Campaign Types on Quora  

Get updated on the various campaign types available on Quora  

Know precisely how to use Promoted answers on Quora for ads with high clickthrough rates. Connect with your audiences the right way.  

👉Watch me launch a campaign on Quora and iron out any kinks along the way. 

👉Get the inside dope on Standard and Custom Conversions on Quora and get into the details (with examples) on how to track conversions.  

👉Learn Why and How to use Funnels to Make your Campaigns really work and get maximum results for your business for your dollar spend.  

👉Learn the intricacies of using Analytics and Tracking for Your Quora Campaigns (Coming Soon)  


What's included?

Video Icon 11 videos File Icon 1 file Text Icon 3 text files


Introduction to Quora Ads
Welcome to Quora Ads Course
What is the best way to use Quora Ads?
Setting up Quora Ads Management
Why Quora Ads? Why Bother?
2 mins
Setting Up Your Quora Pixel
4 mins
Creating Audiences On Quora
4 mins
Use Audiences, The Smart Way
3 mins
Campaign Types On Quora
Campaign Types & Targeting Options On Quora
3 mins
Promoted Answers on Quora
5 mins
Launch Your First Campaign
5 mins
Tracking Conversions On Quora
Tracking Conversions On Quora
3 mins
Tracking Conversions on Quora: Part 2
6 mins
Using Funnels: Make Your Campaigns Work
Why use Funnels?
3 mins
Quora Funnel Example
3 mins
Course Material & Downloads
The Quora Ads Checklist
260 KB
Helpful Links for Quora Ads

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