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Welcome to the Quora Ads Course. With more than 300 million + active users, Quora is bad ass, and it's unique in its own way (Unlike Facebook Ads and Google Adwords). 

While Quora works and plays out just like Facebook Ads, it's the platform, the users, and what they do while they are on Quora that makes all the difference giving you a unique platform to show your ads to as and when they are relevant. 

Note: The course is basic to intermediate and only goes so far as to help you with the basic setup, to launch your campaigns, to create audiences, and to create/manage conversions.  

You shouldn't even be launching paid ads without sales funnels. To learn how to build sales funnels for your paid ad campaigns, refer to the Sales Funnels Course (coming soon) 

Quora Ads

Learn How To Launch Quora Ads with Funnels & Grow Your Business

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